We’ve gathered answers to some questions regarding COVID-19 in our COVID-19-FAQ




Dear Rushers,

Greetings from our home offices. How are you doing?
We wanted to reach you all with some information. We know many of you are wondering how the current situation is affecting our event in Copenhagen.
Most of you are wondering if we will be able to hit the obstacles in July. We fully understand your concern and we kindly ask for your understanding and patience in these extraordinary times. After the first lockdown weeks, we will be wiser and we will keep in touch with you all. You can follow our news here on our website where we keep you updated for most recent developments.

For now, the event in Copenhagen will take place as planned. As long as the authorities do not cancel an event, it is difficult for us to make a justified and financially responsible decision. According to current information the lockdown has been extended until 13.april.
The possible rescheduling of our event puts a great deal of pressure on our team and organization since many of the costs still occur on the original date. But with the help of you lovely and supporting Rushers, we will get past this difficult situation and meet again under our coloured clouds!

For now, please, obey the government’s advice, stay home and follow the practice of social distancing. The sooner we all take part in this practice, the sooner we have a chance to party together!

We will respond to all emails and messages soon – you dear Rushers are the reason why we as an organisation exist and we are lucky to have a community like you, to keep on creating these happy moments together – kindly stay patient in giving us time to reply to all your queries.
Please stay home as much as you can, continue keeping yourself strong and in good health. Call your loved ones and find happiness in the little things.



As previously mentioned on our websites, the safety of our participants is always our highest priority. We carefully follow all instructions and / or recommendations from official authorities. Currently, we assume that all our events will be as planned according to our original schedule.
As we promised, we will continue to update you on the state of the COVID-19 virus in relation to our events. As the situation is constantly evolving, they may be out of date. In Denmark the law prohibits indoor events larger than 100 people and all events have been encouraged to cancel. What comes to our event it is in July, so we will continue to wait further instructions and follow the situation. We will not cancel our event, but we may be forced to change the date.
We will stay positive and prepare as well as we can for future events! Obstacles do not block the road; they are a part of it.



Dear Rushers,

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been on almost everyone’s mind lately and we wanted to reach out to all of you. We’re sure a lot of you are wondering how this affects our events and we are here to provide answers.

The safety of our participants and team members is always our top priority. We follow closely all instructions and/or recommendations of official authorities. 

At the moment we assume all of our events will go on as planned according to our original schedule.
All in all, you can feel safe signing up for Color Obstacle Rush. Our aim is to arrange all events as planned but rest assured that should we be forced to change dates for some events, all tickets are transferable easily.

We’d like to mention a few factors related to Color Obstacle Rush. Firstly, our events take place outside and the people are always spread out along the 5km long track. We’ve made adjustments to the schedule as well so that we have a 30min break after every second start group.

We’ve also made sure you have more space when queuing for example in check-in or the start of the course. Furthermore, our warm up prior to the course and the color festival afterward are arranged in different areas in order to have fewer people in one single place at a time.

We’ve added hand sanitisers to multiple points in the event including check-in, event entry and water stations where extra care will be taken to ensure hygiene. Our color powder is distributed by contracted workers in sealed bags who have all been properly instructed. At no point, there is no human touch before the colour is distributed.

We also use ozonation to disinfect our obstacles between events. We’ve added these extra steps in order to provide you Rushers a safe and fun event!
Safety is by far our first priority. We are working hard to find and come up with any adjustments to the events in order to keep everyone safe.

See you all soon!