Interested in working as a volunteer at Color Obstacle Rush Copenhagen? Great!

You can sign up as a volunteer for the day before the Event (Friday 2/7/2021) or you can volunteer on the Event itself (Saturday 3/7/2021). On Friday, we need volunteers from 12 to 17 o’clock, on Saturday from 9 o’clock and the day is about 6 hours.

If you sign up for Friday, you get a free ticket to the event on Saturday. If you volunteer in the Event on Saturday, we will give you a ticket to any other upcoming Color Obstacle Rush event within a year. In the latter case, kindly note that we can’t guarantee that next year there will be events held in the exact same locations as this year.

On Friday, we will be needing help primarily in packing swag bags, but also in other preparatory tasks such as opening packages, putting items in an order, putting up fences and taking care of the general cleanliness of the area.

In the event on Saturday, you will get to hand out medals and color packs at the finish line. We will also need help with maintaining the general cleanliness of the area as well as throwing color at the color stations.

Please note that we have a limited number of places for volunteers.

Sign up as a volunteer below.